Four Big Insurance Questions for Park Model & Small Space Living

Four Big Insurance Questions for Park Model & Small Space Living

Waco Texas (July 15, 2016)

Four Big Insurance Questions for Park Model & Small Space Living

Park model homes and small space living homes are currently swooping the housing market, making a big impact with millennials.  Despite what you may call these small dwelling spaces, neglecting to insure your pint-sized home may result in an immense issue.

What are park model homes? A park model or small space home is   generally 400 square feet or less, mounted on wheels and axles. Most tiny home homeowners find their park models to be durable, attractive, affordable, and equipped with all of life’s necessities. And, they are environmentally friendly due to their small size.

Nalico General Agency, located in Dallas Texas, underwrites insurance policies for small space homeowners.  Lynett Pirtle, Nalico General Agency Operations Manager, recommends each person ask four big questions when insuring their park model home.

Am I Covered?

Make sure you review your policy and be certain your home is covered for items such as hail, wind, lightning, and other items that may cause damage to your home.

 Am I insured to value?

Make sure you insure your home for the purchase price or replacement cost of your park model home. This can help should you have a loss.

Are my personal effects covered?

Personal effects, also known as contents coverage, is essential to make sure you have adequate coverage should you have a loss. “Contents coverage insures your possessions such as furniture, clothing, kitchenware, and many other items in your home.” says Lynett.

Who can I call for my insurance?
Make sure you purchase insurance from a reputable company and an independent insurance agent. Ask yourself: Is my insurance company an “A rated” company? Do they specialize in park models or manufactured homes? Can they offer expert advice on claims? Do they know the industry? Your independent agent can help you select the right company.  

Examining these big questions allow small space homeowners to make great decisions with their home insurance coverage. Consequently, think big even though you live small. Insuring your home provides much needed protection regardless of size. For more information about park model home insurance email Nalico General Agency at

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